The Social Justice Tree symbolizes the growth of a community and recognizes donors who are supporting a social justice movement. There are three donor levels of gold, silver and bronze leaves engraved with donor information (three lines with a 16-character limit per line). Pavers are also available on the “Pathway to Social Justice” leading to the tree (three different size/donation level options). The tree represents “Rooted in Change”, a grassroots campaign that allows those wanting to do something about social justice a direct and meaningful way to do so by supporting the Community Restoration model of care being implemented at the new Crittenton Community Center.

A Leaf on the Social Justice Tree:

  • $1,000 Bronze Leaf
  • $5,000 Silver Leaf
  • $10,000 Gold Leaf

A Pathway paver:

  • $100 Paver 4” x 4” (not engraved, recognition on a wall plaque)
  • $250 Paver 4" x 8"
  • $500 Paver 8" x 8"

Every contribution will help to make a meaningful difference and bring a positive change to the Kimberly Parkway neighborhood. Thank you for being part of a restorative justice model of community healing grounded in the basic needs of food, shelter, safety, health, education, and human life.